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We are pleased to announce that our two Microsoft Biz Apps MVP’s, Matt Beard and Mark Carrington will be speaking at the event talking all things Dataverse and Data Quality.


How we Transformed our Clients’ Data Integrity (12pm, Theatre 3)

At 12 pm, please join Matt and Mark in Theatre 3 when they will discuss several projects that have resulted in a true transformation of data quality across a wide range of systems, both legacy and modern.

Real-life stories and testimonies from our clients in just how much we have changed their businesses for the better. Bring along your burning data quality problems to ask or come and share your data quality expertise with the group for this interactive session.


How to Improve Your Data Quality and Eliminate Duplicates (2pm, Hambledon Suite)

At 2pm, please join Matt and Mark for a breakout session in Hambledon Suite B where they will show how to identify, merge and prevent duplicates with more power than ever before as well as ensuring all the data in your system is of the highest quality - including emails, telephones, addresses and more. This in-depth session will show how you can reduce time and resources when identifying and merging duplicate records enabling you to automate continuous Data Quality Improvement.

We’re over at Stand 15 and we’d love to chat with you about all things Dataverse and how we can help you improve the quality of your data.

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