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CRM Solutions

Integrate your CRM with Data8's data quality solutions to improve efficiency and provide correct, accurate and wholesome data for more informed business decisions.

With real time data validation and batch cleansing available for Salesforce using Data8's API, incomplete and inaccurate records will become a past memory. As data validation identifies details at the point of capture, only data which is correct and formatted is input into Salesforce CRM. Batch cleansing works on the current database, standardising, formatting, de-duplicating and merging records to improve data quality. Using Data8, Salesforce CRM functions will go from strength to strength as data quality issues won't impede on day to day operations.

With bad quality data costing an estimated $3.1 trillion for companies in 2016, it's no wonder companies often struggle to optimise the usage of their CRM. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Data8 seamlessly delivers both batch cleansing and real time validation in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Prior to being stored in the CRM, new records are remedied at the point of capture and batch cleansing ensures records are standardised, formatted, de-duplicated and merged to ensure the highest quality data is in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The foundations of a strong and efficient Sage CRM are not formed on pillars of salt or sand, but on good quality data. Data8's real time data validation API enhances Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Accounts in minutes. Contact details including bank details are validated and automatically populated, quickly providing and storing accurate information on leads. Batch cleansing benefits Sage through standardising, formatting, de-duplicating and merging records to improve data quality.

With a Gold Partner Status in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Data8 delivers total data quality in the Oracle Sales Cloud. Real time validation solutions are integrated in the Oracle Sales Cloud for ease of access, provide full business information using the business lead capture tool. Batch cleansing solutions standardise, format, de-duplicate and merge data to ensure your Oracle database only contains good quality data.