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Seamlessly integrate our data quality solutions with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM/CE to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase user adoption.


- De-duplication and merging of records to create a wholesome view

- Standardisation of records and formatting according to country standard

- Bulk data cleansing to improve the quality of current datasets

-Verification of new incoming data to maintain the quality of the database

- Enrichment of data to provide information for multi-channel marketing and communications

- Award winning support from our in house data consultants and developers


Why transform your MSDyn CRM?

Reduce costs by ensuring data is appropriate for the intended use

Improves usability and employees trust in CRM

Improve efficiency without spending time contacting irrelevent contacts

Ensure each record contains accurate information

How will your CRM be improved?

Using data quality solutions will add value to an empty database, providing information such as credit details, website and contact details  as you can see below.



AQA moved to Microsoft Dynamics and using Data8's data quality solutions, were able to create a single view of each customer record, increase user adoption, improve email delivery rates and decrease bounce rates and reduce costs and time spent contacting invalid records.