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The foundations of a strong and efficient Sage 50 account are not formed on pillars of salt or sand, but on good quality data using Data8's leading API.



De-duplication and merging of records to create a wholesome view

Standardisation of records and formatting according to country standard

- Bulk data cleansing to improve the quality of current datasets

-Verification of new incoming data to maintain the quality of the database

Enrichment of data to provide information for multi-channel marketing and communications

- Award winning support from our in house data consultants and developers

Why transform your Sage 50 accounts?

Automatically enrich your records with IBAN and BIC numbers, making you SEPA compliant

Obtain the latest financial details for each company with a real time credit checking functionality

Only accurate data is contained within your database saving money spend contacting irrelevent customers

Maintain record integrity by ensuring each record contains wholesome and accurate information

How will your CRM be improved?


Standardised, formatted and up to date information will be input, forming a full record which provides a 360 degree view of the customer.