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Salesforce CRM Integration

With real time data validation and batch cleansing available for Salesforce using Data8's API, incomplete and inaccurate records will become a past memory. Using Data8, Salesforce CRM functions will go from strength to strength as data quality issues won't impede on day to day operations. As data validation identifies details at the point of capture, only data which is correct and formatted is input into Salesforce CRM. Batch cleansing works on the current database, standardising, formatting, de-duplicating and merging records to improve data quality. 


Telephone and email validation:

Key Features

  • Global coverage
    • Validate and format addresses and telephone numbers for over 253 countries and territories globally.
  • Tailored approach
    • Batch-cleansing or real time validation provides choice as to whether you improve your current database or correct incoming data.
  • In house technology
    • ​Data8 doesn't rely on out of house technology providers meaning our unrivalled technology can be customised using unique algorithms to tailor to individual needs. 
  • Reporting
    • ​Gain insight into the quality of data within and entering your Salesforce CRM using informative quality reports.


Integration is simple, for instructions on setting up and configuring our tool, please head to our Salesforce 'how to' page.

Real-time Validation

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