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Acxiom Purity

Acxiom produce a file of gone-away data from its InfoBase file and derived from the comparative analysis of product warranties, product registrations, lifestyle questionnaires and magazine subscriptions in conjunction with external reference files.

Purity from Acxiom makes sure you only mail people who currently live at a target address – and avoid paying for false goneaways. Suppression is a vital stage of direct marketing. Before you send your mailing file into production, you need to be sure it doesn’t contain records that are out of date or inaccurate. Compliance with data protection legislation – and industry best practice – means data cleansing against a file of individuals who are recorded as having moved. And in doing so, you also save money.

But how can you be sure the goneaways you eliminate really have moved? Only Purity provides you with a completely transparent goneaway screening file based on validated non-residents. So you only take out people who are no longer there – and leave in potential responders.

Every year, 12.6% of UK residents move house, creating 5.5 million changes of address. Keeping track of those movements is a challenge, especially in a prospect pool. Acxiom has brought the power of the InfoBaseTM Lifestyle Universe database – and 15 years of experience in collecting and managing data.

The result is a suppression file that only eliminates individuals known to no longer be living at an address – with 98.1% accuracy. With 30% of goneaways recorded via postal returns being false, why take out more prospects than you really need to?

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