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Having multiple records for the same thing in your database can lead to a number of issues: it is difficult to accurately report and produce metrics, it is time-consuming to find the correct record and it can result in a poor reputation with clients due to sending duplicate communications.

Duplicates can occur in many places within an organisation and Data8 can remove duplicates not only where they are commonly found in things like Accounts and Contacts preventing you from getting a single customer view, but also with more unusual records like Invoices, Products, or even Activities.

Our Approach

At Data8 we work with you to build rules to solve your particular duplicate issues.
This approach can be applied to any entity (a type of record - for example an account, a contact, or an invoice) so that we can solve duplicate problems in your organisation wherever they are found.

There are 3 key stages to breaking down the problem:

  1. What rules can we define to state that records are the same?
  2. What rules can we create to choose a master record from the duplicate chain?
  3. What rules can we use on each field in the duplicate records to ensure that we keep the most relevant data from the similar record and create the best possible merged single record?

By following this simple yet effective process, our services can help you quickly improve the quality of your Database and help maximise the value of your data.

Benefits Include:

Save Marketing Costs

Increase the ROI on marketing by removing duplicates from your mailings

Gain a Single Customer View

Duplicates distort your view of your customers and prevent you from accurately understanding your marketing efforts

Customer Rule Based Approach

Create bespoke rules to solve duplicate problems specific to your organisation

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