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More than 4,000

Address Changes Daily 

Over 1.8 Million

Postcodes Covered 

Over 33 Million

UK Postal Addresses 

The improvement and cleansing of addresses reduces undeliverable mail and can improve mailing discounts. Correct addressing can also maintain your brand image and the chances of identifying duplicates within your database. 

Our advanced Address Cleansing service compares your address data against Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF). PAF is the primary reference for all address data in the UK and contains over 1.8 million UK postcodes and over 30 million residential and business addresses.   The file is updated 4,000 – 5,000 times a day adding new addresses and making changes to existing addresses such as postcode changes.

Our service improves address quality in a number of ways:


Address elements e.g. postcode changes


Mispellings within address elements


Missing address elements e.g. missing town


Address Format

Benefits Include:

Save Time and Money

Allocate marketing spend to target audiences and reduce time on manually updating data

Reduce Failed Deliveries 

Having the correct addresses will help to reduce the cost of handling returns from failed deliveries

Protect Brand Image

Ensuring address details are correct will help protect brand image by ensuring correct contact addresses

Support when you need it

Our Client Services and Technical Teams are on-hand to help you get the most out of our PAF Cleansing Services

We utilise our own software developed over our many years of trading to enable the highest accurate match rates possible. On completion of our process, we return the data with match levels appended to allow you to assess the quality of your records and identify which records are suitable for mailing and highlight where additional information needs to be collected from your customer to complete the address.  We provide a range of output options to ensure that the enhanced data is compatible with your systems.

Data Sources

At Data8, we pride ourselves on our data independence. Unlike many of our direct competitors we are not owned or influenced by a major data provider and as such we have access to the widest possible range of industry-leading data sources, including Mortascreen, TBR, NCOA, Royal Mail PAF, BT, the DMA, GAS and More...

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