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Goneaway Suppression File (GAS)

GAS Reactive is an address forwarding data file based on the trusted Gone Away Suppression File (GAS). This means you can reliably suppress customers and use GAS Reactive to find reliable forward addresses.

The Gone Away Suppression File (GAS) represents the most accurate, up to date and most widely used solution for identifying non-assumed Gone Aways. The REaD Group has created GAS by using private and public domain data sources, made available through The REaD Group’s partnership with Skipton Information Group.

The Gone Away Suppression File (GAS) was established in 1992 to address the problem of mailing people who had genuinely moved house. Put simply, it represents the most accurate, up to date and most widely used data cleansing solution for identifying non-assumed Gone Aways and is now responsible for cleaning over half of all direct mail in the UK.

Skipton Information Group, which includes marketing information company EuroDirect and credit reference agency Callcredit, is one of the UK’s largest database businesses, maintaining an array of accurate, up-to-date public and proprietary credit and marketing data on more than 40 million UK consumers.

Move-in and move-out information is passed to The REaD Group in order to form a unique file of non-assumed home-moved records. Where a link can be created to the new address, GAS Reactive can be used to identify where your goneaway customer has moved to which can help you retain a customer that you may have otherwise lost.



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