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Goneaway Suppression File (GAS)

Gone Away Suppression (GAS) was established in 1992 and is validated across multiple, trusted sources. The REaD Group receive a large number of consented datasets from organisations that have been notified when someone moves in or moves out of a property.

This includes government information (e.g. from local authorities) and two of the three major credit reference agencies – providing comprehensive coverage of movers in the UK.

All contributors must pass a strict Data Compliance Due Diligence Audit to be able to supply The REaD Group with data. The REaD Group compliance team also carry out ad-hoc checks on the data provided, requiring contributors to provide full details of when and how the data subject’s permission for their data to be passed onto a third party, was obtained.

The GAS File is used within our goneaway suppression service along with many other sources of goneaway data. You can get a free data quality report to find out how many of your records are goneaway by using our online data cleansing service.


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