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Postcode Address File

The most complete and up-to-date address database in the UK, containing the full address for every place the Royal Mail delivers to in the UK.

The Postcode Address File (PAF) from the Royal Mail is the most up-to-date address database in the UK, containing over 28 million addresses. PAF is the only recognised source of all known UK Postcodes.

The data is owned and meticulously maintained by the Royal Mail's army of postal workers who are continually feeding data into the process to make PAF the most accurate national gazetteer anywhere in the world.

Address Validation techniques are now commonplace so that entire addresses can be captured quickly and accurately with only a few keystrokes. The file is also invaluable to marketers wanting to ensure that their address data is postally correct prior to perform a mailshot in order to achieve maximum response rates and minimise returns -

PAF Cleansing - PAF is used within our PAF cleansing service. You can get a free data quality report to find out how many of your records are postally correct by using our data cleansing service.

Address Validation - Postcode Lookup uses PAF to provide methods to obtain full, accurate addresses from a postcode or partial address details. We deliver the data via web services so that it can be integrated into your website or business process.





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