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Don’t fall into the trap of failing to recognise that the most important thing in a new CRM is the data. You can’t move to a new CRM without also migrating the data.

Many CRM projects concentrate too much on the platform choice and the configuration of the front end. They frequently fail because the data quality aspect is not given the same consideration. A Data migration from several source systems to a new CRM is really a complex dedupe and merge project; failure to recognise this often leaves your users with a database full of duplicates and inconsistencies.

Our simple 5 step process ensures we work with you to design a data migration process that is built with tested rules that arrive at the best possible quality of data.

Typical data migration projects are iterative, giving your users a chance to incorporate feedback on the data in practice, with time allocated for test phases and runs on sandbox systems before the final live run. Our experts will lead you through the process giving the benefit of their experience.

Our 5 Step Approach to Data Migration

Extract the data

Which data sources and record types do you need to migrate and how are we going to get the data from you

Cleanse and Improve

Do we need to implement any bespoke rules to clean or improve before importing the data?


What rules do we use to determine if two records are the same?


Once we have decided that records are the same, how do we merge them to keep the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date data fields?


How do we export your new clean data into your new CRM system?

Data Sources

At Data8, we pride ourselves on our data independence. Unlike many of our direct competitors we are not owned or influenced by a major data provider and as such we have access to the widest possible range of industry-leading data sources, including Mortascreen, TBR, NCOA, Royal Mail PAF, BT, the DMA, GAS and More...

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