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The BT OSIS database provides you with access to over 27 million subscribers. It's updated daily so maintains it's accuracy. we can match a name and address against the BT OSIS which will then provide a phone number associated with that person or company, creating a more wholesome record. Our technology rapidly checks numbers to ensure they are live before it is added to your data.

Avoid wasting precious time and resources and know that the number you're contacting will take you to the right person.


Add value to records with up to date landline and mobile number details knowing they have opted in.


Improve employee trust in CRM with correct data - numbers are updated daily and are tested.


Improve communications by having the correct contact number and increase customer satisfaction.


Increase ROI by avoiding time wasted contacting invalid, incorrect or opt-out numbers.

How has telephone appending helped?

Norman Hay’s transformed data and CRM system brought reliability, cohesion and transparency. Part of their solution was telephone appending, which improved communication, cross selling and customer service.

Data8 have helped us to gain overall visibility of our data and ensures our data is up-to-date, allowing us to see areas that we can improve across the organisation.

Director Strategic Business Development & Marketing

The number of returned mail reduced by 28% as a result of the integrated reference to the goneaway file

Business Strategy Manager, Brookson Ltd

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