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Bank Validation

Validate bank account details before they are saved in your database. (WooCommerce not supported)

  • Reduce fraud risk - By verifying all account details before they're entered onto your system you can reduce the risk of capturing incorrect data and avoid erroneous payments.
  • Avoid failed payments - Think of failed payments as lost customers. Validation at point of entry ensures faster, successful payments first time round, reducing payment errors and increasing conversions.
  • Real-time validation - Prevents a form from submitting if the entered data is invalid. This ensures that only correct, accurate data enters your database.
  • Authoritative - uses official real-time network information and authoritative databases
  • Improved customer experience - Eliminating failed payments allows you to provide your customers with faster, hassle-free checkouts and deliver the required products and services without delays or disruption
  • Avoid unnecessary costs - Save your business time and money by removing any unnecessary administration fees, bank charges and other operational costs incurred by re-processing failed payments.
WordPress Email Validation

Getting Started

Install the plugin via the WordPress Marketplace, link to the download page can be found below.