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Email Validation

Validate email addresses at the point of entry. Get real-time notification of invalid email addresses.

  • International - worldwide coverage for email addresses
  • Authoritative - uses official real-time network information and authoritative databases
  • Real-time validation - Prevents a record from saving if the entered data is invalid. This ensures that only correct, accurate data enters your database.

Add Data8 Validation to any email address field, including on custom entities, with point & click configuration - no coding required. Default configuration is supplied for all standard record types to get you started in minutes.

Dynamics Email Validation

Getting Started

Select a method of installation. AppSource should always be the preferred method of installation, however you can choose to install the solution manually should you wish. Links to both installations can be found below.

Manual Installation Help

Having downloaded your file, you can now upload it to your Dynamics instance. If you aren't sure, see the guide below for screenshots and help on how to achieve this.

Ready to get started?

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