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Name Validation


Our instant Name Validation service allows you to capture accurate names at the point of entry, preventing bogus, random or salacious names from entering your database.

Our services can be installed and integrated into your web form and internal systems quickly and easily, through most of our plugins or with our simple Name Validation API.

Name Validation Example

How does Name Validation work?

Name validation is often something that is overlooked on data collection forms, however accurate data is definitely not something that should be overlooked. Why stop at a valid email address or phone number?

Our Name Validation service identifies random, salacious or unusable names from an extensive list of unusable names, and will prevent obviously false or inaccurate data from entering your database.

Try name validation demo for yourself

Simply enter a name and see the validation in action for yourself.

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Easily integrate with a number of platforms

Our Name Validation service is available across a wide range of platforms including:

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