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The work of charities is all about making a difference, but in today's changing world, it can be more challenging than ever to engage with supporters and fundraisers.

With the loss of traditional fundraising events and key resources due to the pandemic over the last 2 years, many charities are relying on their supporter database more than ever to communicate and engage. As a result of this, it's never been more important to have accurate data, from address details to telephone and email addresses.

We understand the challenge facing charities right now and have a number of services to help, including a dedicated Charity Sector Data Specialist and Data Quality Services available at a reduced cost price for non-profits.

How we can help your Charity

  • Enhancing your address quality to provide you with accurate standardised addresses to improve mail delivery rates and provide greater detection of duplicates

  • Identifying goneaways and unmailable addresses, reducing unnecessary print and mailing costs

  • Ensuring you claim the most amount of gift aid as possible

  • Make sure you are contacting the maximum number of supporters at the right address

  • Reconnecting with supporters who have moved to their new address

  • Identifying deceased records to help protect your brand image and avoid supporter upset and stress

  • Reducing email bounce-backs and improving email deliverability rates

  • TPS and CTPS checking to ensure compliance with regulation

We can provide you with a free Data Quality Audit to help you understand the quality of your data and how it can be improved

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Services Overview for Charites

Data Quality

Data8 Online, our self-service portal is a great place to start on your journey to improving data quality.  

  • Free Data Quality Audit with every file uploaded, highlighting the quality of the data provided and how it can be improved

  • Secure Environment -We are ISO27001 certified

  • Costings provided

  • No set up fees or subscription

  • Tailored cleansing options to meet your budget

Data8 Online enables you to:

  • Format addresses to Royal Mail PAF standard
  • Remove duplicate data
  • Identify goneaway and deceased records and append new mover addresses
  • Validate email addresses and telephone numbers

Get started with a Free Data Quality Audit







Whilst other Data Providers were slow in responding to our objectives regarding the project, Data8 took the time to listen to the needs of the charity and respond to those needs in a lightning fast fashion

Adrian Beney, Partner, More Partnership

Point-of-Capture Validation

Our real-time validation services ensure only accurate details are captured upon entry, meaning you can communicate with supporters effectively. 

Address Validation 

  • Real-time address validation and correction
  • Auto-formatting of addresses to the PAF Standard
  • Multi-residence for accurate address information for supporters living in flats
  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic to ensure the address is always correct, even if there is a character missed or an incorrect address is entered
  • Improved user experience enabling users to enter their address with minimum keystrokes increasing form completion rates
  • Simple no-code integration into websites and CRM systems, including Dynamics 365 and Salesforce

Email Validation

  • Check an email address is valid
  • Identify if an email is grey-listed or blacklisted
  • Suggests corrections for mistyped email addresses
  • No-code integration for websites and CRM Systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce

Phone Validation

  • Check if landline/mobile number is live
  • Automatically formats numbers for consistency
  • TPS and CTPS Checking is available 

Bank Validation

  • Check Bank Account Number, Sort Code and Credit/Debit Card details
  • Verify account can accept Direct Debits
  • Obtain BIC and IBAN information
  • No-code integration for websites and CRM Systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Sage

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Sign up to a licence with us and we will donate* to your charity. When you sign up to a licence with Data8, we promise to donate to your charity*. It is our way of saying ‘Thank you’ and giving something back to worthwhile causes. The more licences you take, the more we will donate!

Already with another provider?

If you are already tied into an existing licencing contract with another provider, don’t worry, just let us know when it is going to expire, and we can give you a call to discuss nearer the time.

*Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information. 

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