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Charity/Alumni Data Services

Some major changes that have taken place in the Third Sector, including the Charities Act, which ushered in new financial reporting arrangements. The sector will benefit from social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, to produce effective targeting of potential donors, volunteers and contributors for fundraising and other campaigns.

There is currently a great deal of media focus on telephone fund raising and it is crucial to safeguard your charity’s reputation by putting in place the very best data management solutions.

Our Campaign Management Service will:

  • be tailored to fit your charity’s particular requirements.
  • make sure that all your data and the data we append is compliant with TPS.
  • use the very latest deceased records to prevent upsetting any relatives.
  • build your own stop file,which prevents you contacting someone who doesn’t want to be contacted

We are currently devising data solutions for a number of charities and alumni, using our variety of data sources and services we are helping to maximise their donations by improving their data quality.

Examples of how we can help  -

  • Regular data cleansing of donor files before mailing to ensure there is no duplication, removing goneaway and deceased records, identifying where donors have moved to. All these elements will show an immediate return on investment.
  • Adding value to your data by appending telephone numbers and emails, giving you an alternative contact option.
  • Increasing the level of Gift Aid by speeding up the capture of name and address validation at POS.
  • Supplying targeted lists of donor prospects from our data supply division

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The high quality data we received enables us to reach out and connect with old and new supporters. The service we received was excellent, we highly recommend it Ben Robbins, Operations Manager

Company Image  Ben Robbins, Operations Manager

What’s impressed me with Data8 is how knowledgeable and customer-centric they are. They understood what my needs were and provided me with solutions that met those specific needs while provide sound advice. They don’t just try to sell you a solution that ‘fits all’ but they really focus on the customer needs and provide you with the most suitable option. Their prices have also been great compared to other vendors. Data8 is definitely our top vendor for our data quality needs and I recommend them without any hesitation. Saint Nicholas Hospice Care - Raj Sukumar, Donor Development Officer

Company Image Saint Nicholas Hospice Care - Raj Sukumar, Donor Development Officer

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