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Energy/Utility Data Services

All utilities are under pressure to deliver returns in an increasingly competitive market, they need to have accurate contact data, to prevent fraud, make forecasts, improve targeting, ensure compliance with regulatory authority and identifying profitable customers. We can help by using our range of data services to solve immediate short term problems or review the whole of your contact data processing.

We are currently working with a number of utility companies, using our variety of data sources and services to help them understand their customers better and prospect for new customers.

Our data quality services help the energy/utility sector achieve greater customer retention and loyalty through our data cleansingdata validationand data supply services. 

 Examples of how we can help  -

  • Providing a dynamic list from our data supply division that contains businesses starting up in the UK, the data can be delivered as soon as it available, hourly, weekly or monthly.
  • Giving you a single customer view by cleansing client data on your CRM to ensure there is no duplication, removing goneaway and deceased records. See our white paper on "How to Achieve a Single Customer View."
  • Attaching our industry leading address validation application to your website or POS, will speed up the capture of name and address data. Our address validation application will auto complete the address data, ensuring complete and consistent data.
  • Adding value to your data by appending telephone numbers and emails, giving you an alternative contact option.

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