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Engineering/Manufacturing Data Services 

As the industry has recently experienced tough years since the recession first hit, due to factors like international companies pulling out of the UK to save money; and problems with the Eurozone, it had caused some engineering and manufacturing businesses to close.

The recent upturn within the industry has seen employment reach over 8 million people, making the UK the seventh largest manufacturing and engineering nation in the world.

Our customer base of engineering/manufacturing companies has grown in recent years with more companies wanting to ensure their data is cleansed. More auto fill validation solutions have been deployed to make it easier for website users to populate online forms and for companies to add new supply data and services to help increase their customer reach.  

Examples of how we can help  -

  • Providing Data Supply solutions including Telemarketing solutions to a pan European company which operates in 350 locations across 16 European countries
  • Address validation solutions to a number of industry websites to provide faster more accurate customer user experiences 
  • Companies used our data cleansing services to clean their legacy databases and improve the quality of their CRM data. 


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