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Professional services are sometimes vulnerable to money laundering and fraud, the best way to prevent this is to confirm who you are dealing with as part of your due diligence. Our suite of data quality solutions can help confirm the residency of your client and it can also be used to prospect for new clients.

We are currently working with a number of professional services companies, using our variety of data sources and services to help them understand their customers better and ensure compliance with their regulators.

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“The enhancements delivered from Data8 have transformed our marketing activities through ensuring data is accurate and compliant, the number of returned mail reduced by 28% as a result of the integrated reference to the goneaway file. The process of appending additional information and flagging for suppression within our CRM system has ensured that our processes are robust, in addition the auto stamp of an audit has ensured we can track when data was last cleansed prior to launching a campaign’. Business Strategy Manager, Brookson Ltd

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