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Retail/Home Shopping Data Services

The high street is reducing in its dominance with retail sales switching to online and home shopping. Meaning a greater dependence on the quality of contact data, to confirm the identity of customers and ensuring prompt delivery. With address details and transaction details available it is now possible to profile and understand your customers in detail.

We are currently working with a number of retailers and etailers, using our variety of data sources and services to help them understand their customers better and reduce administration costs by better quality contact data.

Examples of how we can help  -

  • Getting a single customer view by cleansing customer data to ensure there is no duplication, removing goneaway and deceased records, identifying where your customers have moved to, improving the accuracy of your data and reducing waste.
  • Adding value to your data by appending telephone numbers and emails, giving you an alternative contact option.
  • Our Address Validation will auto complete the address data, ensuring complete and consistent data. It will also speed up the capture of name and address data at the till or on your website.
  • A range of shopping cart solutions and bank validation services to etailers, helping to reduce the level of fraud and bank reprocessing charges.  

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“We found that our previous solution was difficult to install, difficult to integrate and there were a number of problems throughout. The addresses given by Data8's solution were accurate, which meant no more Google-ing, ensuring accuracy and saving on valuable resources” Aled Morgan, IT Network Manager, Taskers

Company Image Aled Morgan, IT Network Manager, Taskers

here was clarity in usage, and the customer service and support was second to none. I especially liked that Data8 were more flexible and cheaper with their billing options than our previous supplier. Read case study Rob Pimlott, Website Manager Ellis Brigham

Company Image Rob Pimlott, Website Manager Ellis Brigham

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