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Telemarketing Data Services

The telemarketing industry in the UK is growing, employing over a million people with nearly 6,000 call centres. Yet it still has an image problem, particularly with ‘nuisance’ calls and in the longer term the proposed FCA changes will no doubt have a significant impact on current business practices. It’s only with time that we will start noticing how resetting standards in the financial services industry will work in practice and affect the telemarketing industry.

Examples of how we can help  -

  • Outbound - Check all your calls meet the legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make calls to numbers registered on the TPS.
  • Inbound - Our Address validation service checks, in real time, that address details have been collected accurately and that email and telephone details are correct.
  • For one B2B client using our business profiles service we appended additional information such as directors, turnover and credit risk.

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