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Travel/Leisure Data Services

We classify travel and leisure as encompassing hospitality, tourism and sport, employing over two million people in the UK across 220,000 different sized organisations. The last few years have been tough on the primarily consumer driven industry due to the recession, however it has seen an increase in the number of users interacting and purchasing via the internet than ever before. 

The need for new prospects, cleansing existing data and capturing and validating data has never been greater. More community and social based websites in this industry require the best data quality, hence Data8 has an impressive travel and leisure customer base.

We have significant experience with working with clients within the travel industry, from top Premiership football clubs to online betting agencies. Below are some examples of some projects and services we have provided. 

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The Data Quality Report is a superb piece of kit. I have battled with vlookups and concatenates in Excel trying to do this. You have done it in ten minutes. Result! It saved me lots of time and tedious effort. Great job! Steven Rittey - Wheel2Wheel Holidays

Company Image Steven Rittey - Wheel2Wheel Holidays

“Data8’s cleansing and validation process has helped us match many thousands of records on our large database, that we would not have been able to do ourselves. Entering a misspelt name, address or incorrect date of birth is relatively common on our system applications, and so Data8’s fuzzy matching to identify these errors is of great help. They were very helpful to accommodate our specific requirements and give us results in a format exactly matching our needs. Communication is very important to our business, so validating phone numbers and email addresses, as well as address cleansing, not only helps us but our users too about making sure as many people as possible are aware about rugby news in their local area. We were also given advice and guidance during the process in a friendly but professional manner in order to for us to achieve the best results.” Database Administrator, Rugby Football Union (RFU)

Company Image Database Administrator, Rugby Football Union (RFU)


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