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Digital technology has created more platforms for companies to project brand and product messages to consumers. The increase in consumers' use of social media has created huge datasets with which marketers can analyze consumer behaviour in detail. With address details and transaction details available, it is now possible to profile and understand customers in ever more detail.

We are currently partnering with a number of agencies, using our variety of data sources and services to help them build address lookup systems and cleanse their clients data.

Examples of how we can help  -

  • Attaching our industry leading address validation application to your client’s website or POS, will speed up the capture of name and address data. Our address validation application will auto populate the address data, ensuring complete and consistent data.
  • Partnering with you to cleanse your client's data to ensure there are no duplications, removing goneaway and deceased records, identifying where customers have moved to. Resulting in a single customer view for your client.
  • Adding value to your client's data by appending telephone numbers and emails, giving your client an alternative contact option.
  • Supplying leads, for you to prospect, targeting businesses just setting up from our sister company New Business Data

Our services are resold extensively by companies in this sector, helping them to drive another source of revenue. For more information visit our be a reseller section. 

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