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We're exhibiting at digitech 2021 at Manchester Central, December 9th. Stop by Stand A1 (opposite the Oracle Stand) and see how we can help your organisation to improve data quality. All services listed below are available via the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace:


Address Validation Services

Data8 Address Validation Services can:

  • Reduces keystrokes when capturing addresses to save time and resource
  • Ensure accurate addresses are captured, standardised to Royal Mail PAF Format
  • Minimise the volume of returned mail
  • Improve user experience both internally and externally with type-ahead technology that ensures address details are standardised and formatted, even if the user mistypes an address
  • Integrate seamlessly with webforms, CRM and ERP systems (in fact, anywhere data is entered electronically)
  • Daily updated PAF data, what3words integration and additional attributes available from AddressBase
  • Data8 PredictiveAddress™ is also available with what3words integration

Email and Phone Validation

Email Validation

  • Improve email deliverability by verifying whether an email is currently valid and deliverable
  • Recognise potential typographic errors in the username and domain and suggests clickable corrections in real-time

By integrating email validation in your systems, you can ensure that you will only capture valid emails increasing your contact rates, reducing your email bounce rates, protecting your IP reputation and leading to a greater ROI from contact campaigns.

Phone Validation

  • Carry out live network checks to validate if a mobile or landline is currently active and contactable
  • Automatically standardises each phone number into your preferred format (international or national) to deliver consistency within your database

Data8 Phone validation services can ensure only valid numbers are stored in your database and reduce the resources required internally to verify invalid numbers.

Bank Validation, Business Insights & Duplicare™

We offer a number of other services via G-Cloud, including:

  • Real-time account verification with Bank Validation
  • Real-time company information, credit checking, and accounts with Business Insights
  • De-dupe, Multi-Merge and Standardisation of records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Data8 Duplicare™

Cleansing Services

Data8 solve the problem of poor-quality data. Helping clients to improve data accuracy throughout the data lifecycle. Reducing wasted resources saving you time, energy and money.

  • PAF Address Enhancement
  • Movers & Goneaways Identification
  • TPS, CTPS, MPS and Baby MPS Preference Services
  • Advanced De-dupe & Merge Services
  • Tele-Appending
  • SONAR Demographic Services

We also have a dedicated Professional Services Team for bespoke cleansing requirements, as well as Automated Cleansing available via Data8 Online.