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With a 130-year history, Morses Club was formed in 2015 from the integration of Morses Club and Shopacheck Financial Services. They are a market-leading non-standard credit company with over 200,000 customers in the UK.

The Challenge

For Morses Club, accurate address and contact details are critical to the application of loans. A high level of accuracy is required in terms of address details as well as email and phone numbers in order to process a loan application swiftly to reduce the need to follow up with applicants to correct any missing or inaccurate information on applications. 

The Objective

Morses Club had a number of key objectives in mind, namely:

  • Improve the user experience in submitting a loan application
  • Reduce the time required by website visitors to complete loan applications
  • Eliminate errors in addresses
  • Eliminate invalid phone and email addresses entered on web forms
  • Reduce resource required internally in verifying applications and correcting contact details


The Solution

Upon assessing Data8's validation services, Morses Club decided to implement Email, Phone and Postcode Lookup services to help address potential issues around contact data entered on their webforms. Recently, Morses Club further enhanced their web forms by migrating from Postcode Lookup to PredictiveAddress, which integrates an AI engine to accurately pin-point addresses regardless of whether a user starts typing their postcode, street name or town.

The Outcome

As a result of introducing Data8's validation services, Morses club have seen a huge reduction in the number of inaccurate contact details via their web forms. Credit Checks are processed faster, internal resources have been reduced in following up on incomplete or incorrect contact data, and thanks to PredictiveAddress, UX has been improved massively enabling applicants to enter address data faster and more accurately than ever before.

Working with Data8

Morses Club have seen huge improvements in the quality of their applicant database. However, the account management and technical support provided by the team at Data8 has proved invaluable to them in ensuring a quick and smooth implementation of validation service.

Nathan Hallam, Head of Marketing at Morses Club comments: "By using Data8's validation services on our web forms, we are able to process loan applications faster than ever, reducing the need to contact applicants to verify contact data entered on the forms. The use of PredictiveAddress has also facilitated a much-improved user experience for our clients by saving time in entering current and previous address history. The support we received from both the Client Services and Technical Team has been superb"