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200 year olds and still on the pay roll


We all know that we will have to work longer but this is going too far. According to submissions to the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), regarding PAYE, there were at least forty people working and paying tax at over 200 years old.

The following table shows the most common incorrect submissions to HMRC.

Employees with the surname ‘Unknown’, ‘Known’ and ‘Not Known’ = 824

Surnames that only included X, ranging from ‘Mr X’ to ‘Mrs XXXXXX’ = 572

Employees called A.N. Other = 507

Surnames of ‘Test’ and with ‘do not use’ = 160

Staff entered Mr, Ms or Mrs ‘Dummy’ = 128

Staff with the surname ‘Casual’, ‘Cleaners’, ‘Workers’ and ‘ Students’ = 75

NI number of AB123456 and or NI number of AA111111 = 2,000 +

Employees apparently over 200 hundred years old = 40

With the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) companies will be required to submit details to HMRC each time they are paid, not once a year as previously.

This will mean errors will be identified earlier and records will be more accurate. Data accuracy will be exceptionally important when RTI is fully introduced later this year so businesses must act now to ensure their information is correct.

It is a well know saw amongst the data industry that cutting back on data cleansing will lead to increased administration costs later. To avoid these additional costs companies should be looking to get data cleansed prior to the launch. If records submitted don’t match HMRC records, this may result in duplicate records which in turn may result in incorrect tax calculations or HMRC compliance checks.

So a word to the wise, start checking your payroll details now. If you want any help in contact data cleansing please give us a ring on 0151 355 4555

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