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Getting addressed correctly


15,000 rural properties in County Fermanagh are to be given a new address by the local authority, which will eventually be recognised on the databases for the first time, ending years of confusion and frustration for residents.

The new addresses will contain a ‘townsland’, in Ireland, a townland is the smallest administrative division of land. It was in the 1600s that they became mapped and defined by the English administration for the purpose of portioning the land for investors or grants.

It may be quaint to have an address system that has evolved over the years, however when this comes into conflict with the twenty first century it may not be so colourful.

Financial institutions rely on their ability to identify who you are, where you live and what history you have. Without that information they are reluctant to offer credit and home shopping companies will struggle to deliver merchandise.

Some premises currently have up to four alternative addresses, this may be OK for the local postman who may know everyone in the town, however to get a delivery from further afield will rely on the carriers stopping and asking directions.

The new system is due to be implemented on 1 February, 2013. Royal Mail is also expected to change the postcodes of some properties but these will not be finalised until the end of March.

When you complete any data cleansing after March we will incorporate all these new addresses from the Royal Mail as soon as they are available.

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