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Getting the best out of your lead generation


Wherever companies generate their leads from, website, tele-marketing or buying them in, it is crucial to have a clear definition of the target market and the level of detail required i.e. contact details. By reducing the amount of detail you will automatically increase the number of leads however this will impact on the quality of the information gathered.

Lead generation is not only about data volume it is about the collection and supply of accurate data, anything that can be done to make the task simpler and more accurate will save money.

There are many ways to do this, such as auto populating address details using Postcode Lookup, checking that the telephone lines and mobile numbers are live using Live Number Testing. Postcode Lookup not only speeds up the process but it also guarantees the postal address is correct for delivery or invoicing.

As certain data is captured it can be instantly validated using Online Lead Validation, for example telephone and mobile numbers as well as email addresses. Mistakes can easily be made in putting the data, getting it right first time saves money.

Many small companies look through websites for leads, however they may fall into the trap of dialling a number that is TPS or CTPS and could be landed with a £5,000 fine. To make screening these numbers as quick and simple as possible, data8 have their TPS Accelerator for Internet Explorer 8 & 9. Clients just highlight the telephone number on screen, hover over the accelerator icon and they will instantly get an indication if the number is TPS or CTPS. 

Using data8's range of services will help you get the maximum out of your lead generation.

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