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IDM success for three at data8


We can announce that Bernie McCool, David Johnson and Richard Davies have successfully completed the IDM Award in Data Management, which is the first professional qualification in the UK that recognises the importance of customer data as today’s most valuable business asset.

Bernie McCool receives her award from Antony Allen

Bernie commented, ‘It is great to have achieved an award that recognises knowledge and expertise within our industry, it also builds confidence with my customers as they will receive guidance on best practices and legislation’.

Richard Davies receives his award from Antony Allen

This was backed up by Richard who said, ‘I am pleased to have gained new knowledge and having my understanding of data management affirmed by a leading body in the industry’.

David Johnson receives his award from Antony Allen

David said, ‘I am delighted to have qualified in a course geared to data management, it has broadened my understanding of our industry.’

Antony Allen, who presented the awards, said ‘I am pleased and proud of all their achievements, at data8 we like to give all our employees the opportunity to continue their lifelong learning’.

So for all your data cleansing requirements data8 is well qualified.

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