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Leap Year Proposal


Today is the day when we females are supposed to propose to our loved ones; in Scotland you must wear a red petticoat to ensure success.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I will not be making any marital proposals today!

If however, you are interested in a data cleansing proposal, then I am the one for you!  Here at Data8 we offer an excellent data cleansing service using all the major industry files.  We can cleanse for goneaways, provide movers information, add missing information such as telephone numbers and names, update addresses, and provide other information such as residency confirmation.

We have a very efficient Online Service, where once registered you can receive Data Quality Reports, Free of Charge.  We also have a bureau department for more bespoke projects. 

February 29th is said to be a very special day and anything started on this day is sure of success, so what better day to get in contact with us, call on 0151 355 455, or register for an online account on our website, www.data-8.co.uk.

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