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Opportunity knocks with New Business Data


Each time a business changes it produces opportunities for B/B retailers and service providers.

New Business Data can help you identify companies that have just set up or where there has been a change of owner, a branch relocating or a new branch. Each of these changes throws up an opportunity to sell in your services, we have many companies who optimize their sales and marketing budgets using our data to approach the right audience with the right offers at the right time.

The new business will require everything from the ground up, phones, flooring, partitioning, water coolers, web sites, Marketing, HR etc, you name it they need it! 

Relocations, they may have a desk and a few chairs and a filing cabinet but what about a new cheaper phone line, car rental or news of what is happening in the area.

New owners of companies will want to make an impression and make some changes, ideal opportunity for companies who can help them leave a mark.

New Branches of existing businesses, this could be a way in to the HQ by them recommending you to the MD at the HQ, also new branch new equipment.

Even if you are not Hughie Green (the host of the TV show Opportunity Knocks for those of you who don’t know that TV was once in black and white and there were only two channels), there will be many opportunities out there as businesses change.

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