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What has the DMA ever done for us?


The DMA, the mouth piece of the direct marketing industry, OK it is helpful and the fact that you are a member may help you get on tender lists, some companies won’t even entertain your submission without it.


However it can offer direct and practical help, not just the woolly being a member of the same gang/association type of help. I needed to get a definitive ruling on a point of law regarding email marketing.

There were two schools of thought out in the industry, one leaning to a very conservative approach and the other slightly a more relaxed attitude. Both reflecting the position of the companies approached.

One enquiry to the DMA’s legal department and James Milligan, DMA Solicitor, was back to me on the phone with a definitive and understandable explanation. Not something you get all the time from the legal profession, he followed that up with a detailed written summary.

To borrow from ‘The Life of Brian’, the DMA may not have brought us ‘sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health’, but they are useful.

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