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Internet Crime is on the Increase

30/07/2013 by Simon Wise

A report has been released from The Home Affairs Select Committee that states that the UK must do more to tackle the rise in e-crime. The BBC state that the report claims that a large amount of what it calls low-level internet-based financial crime was simply falling in to a “black hole” and wasn’t even being reported to the police.

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What's in a name?

05/07/2012 by Simon Wise

<p>I&rsquo;d like to think that I have a fairly easy to spell name, Simon Wise, but I am forever getting asked &ldquo;is that with an S or a Z&rdquo; or &ldquo;is that with an I or a Y&rdquo;&hellip;how hard can it be?</p> <p>That said it is nice that they want to make sure that my contact details are correct. Often once something is committed to the CRM it&rsquo;s there for good, misspelt or otherwise.</p> <p>One way of avoiding staff capturing incorrect contact details is to integrate a ...

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A call to crackdown on data misuse

03/11/2011 by Rishi Kathuria

According to a recent article in Marketing Week, there has been a call by a committee of MPs to crack down on Senior Executives of Companies who are mis-selling customer data.The Committee is urging Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to change the Data Protection Law to allow Judges to hand out custodial sentences for those Executives known to be breaching the Data Protection Act.So how does this affect you? If you handle, manage or sell personally identifiable data you are bound by the Data Protection Act. One of the key principles is Principle 4: that you must keep data accurate and up to date. One of the simplest ways of doing this is to ensure you have a strategy to regularly cleanse your data using an online data cleansing service such as Data8Online. Remember, it is not the consumers responsibility to do this - it is yours. This principle covers everything from maintaining records of deceased individuals, holding up to date addresses and telephone numbers, which you can do using our online goneaway, mover and teleappending services.To find out more about the Data Protection Act and how these changes might affect you, give us a call on 0151 355 4555 or register online for a free data quality report.

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Royal Mail delays "delivered by Royal Mail" stamp campaign

15/08/2011 by Rishi Kathuria

Following John's earlier post about Royal Mail planning to stamp every envelope with "delivered by Royal Mail", it now appears the plan has been put on hold. According to an article in Marketing Week, Royal Mail has delayed its plans following complaints from direct marketers who were concerned that the change would reduce response rates from DM packs.Either way, what we do know does reduce response rates is bad or inconsistent data management. Whoever delivers your direct marketing mail, whether it is Royal Mail or another company they will rely on your data being accurate. By taking part in a regular data cleansing exercise to suppress your goneaway records, remove deceased individuals and even obtain new addresses using our mover files, you can be sure you are sending over accurate data for mailing.So, whoever delivers your mail, whether it has "delivered by Royal Mail" on or not, you can be sure you don't get it back with the words "Return to sender"...For a free data audit on your database or for further information, register your details with us free of charge or give us a call on 0151 355 4555.

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What is a single customer view?

27/05/2011 by Rishi Kathuria

The term "single customer view" is often banded around our industry as the holy grail of effective database management. But does this actually mean anything or is it just a trendy buzzword that we like to use to look better in our jobs?In fact, a single customer view is an extremely important way of managing your data so that everything you need is all in one place. It is a vital solution to ensure you are a successful in today's multichannel environment. It will provide you with a single, holistic view of your customers and prospects in a single location which enables you to understand how they interact with your business, charity or organisation. This will, in turn, enable you to make better informed business decisions whether you are in Marketing, Sales, IT, Data or Business Owner.To help you achieve this, Data8 can help. By using powerful de-duplication processes, goneaway screening, deceased suppression and PAF address cleansing, you can be sure all the data you are importing to your single customer view is up to date, accurate and compliant with relevant legislation. To enhance your strategy further, integrate these processes with our Foundation Technology platform directly in to your CRM system for ongoing data cleansing.For further information on our data cleansing solutions or integrating with your CRM system, call our sales team on 0151 355 4555.

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