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“I’m sorry I appear to have the wrong number” – Are you wasting Resource in your Debt Management Programmes?

24/02/2015 by Helen MacInnes

Analysis published last week by the TUC suggests that the official growth forecasts based on George Osborne’s economic plans are dependent on household debt growing 2.7 times faster than wages over the period 2015-2019. As well as this, unsecured debt is forecast to grow even faster, averaging £29,000 of unsecured debt per household by 2019.

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Targeted Marketing Powered by Data – How does Data Fit with Your Marketing Strategy?

21/01/2015 by Alice Murphy

The start of a new year brings great opportunities to introduce new or updated strategies! You may be thinking of making a big directional change for the company or you could be figuring out how to improve on the great plans you had last year. Whilst these marketing methods can be based on a lot of research and planning they still involve a little bit of a gamble. I guess the ultimate question is, will they give a better ROI than last year? Adding or improving your targeted marketing by including a data procedure is one way in which you can ensure the answer is Yes!

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Thoughts on the creation of a UK Open Address List

06/11/2014 by John Turtle

The ODI (Open Data Institute) announced that a £383k grant from the UK Cabinet Office’s Release of Data Fund has been released to create a UK open address list as an alternative to other address databases available in the UK. At Data8, we are fully supportive of free address data as we want people to have access to data as we’re all about clean accurate data, however it does raise some questions.

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Three Steps to CRM Data Heaven

01/10/2014 by Matt Beard

The cost of maintaining a CRM can be large, however the cost of getting the data wrong can be immense.

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New VAT rules on bulk mail could cost charities dear

11/09/2014 by John Turtle

According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), charities engaged in direct mail campaigns are sitting on a "VAT timebomb", following guidance from HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) on how it will implement VAT rules for bulk mail.

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