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How to obtain a single customer view - a White Paper Launched by Data8

Chester - 03/10/2013 - Data8, the data quality specialists, have just completed a white paper on how to obtain a Single Customer View (SCV) based upon work they have recently carried out for the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

Data8 say, this paper will give an insight into the various stages that have to be completed to achieve a SCV. The paper covers Data8’s techniques of data cleansing, deduping, fuzzy matching and merging data and follows the steps used by Data8 to match records from the multiple RFU databases.

Mario Rajakone, data administrator RFU, commented, “Communication is very important to our business, so validating phone numbers and email addresses, as well as address cleansing, helps our users to make sure as many people as possible are aware about rugby news in their local area. We were also given advice and guidance during the process in a friendly but professional manner in order to for us to achieve the best results.”

Antony Allen, managing director Data8, commented, “This was an interesting exercise for our team, who enjoyed working with the RFU and we are pleased that we have been able to provide them with a tailored solution to achieve their specification. The white paper we have produced will help other organisations to understand the steps required to achieve a Single Customer View. Contained in the white paper is our experience of improving data quality for organisations.”

Single Customer View White Paper

About Data8:

Data8 Ltd is the premier data quality specialist, ensuring customers completely trust their data.

Customers access Data8’s Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud based application to complete online data cleansing, this is backed by a bureau service and an unrivalled real time integration suite which allows companies to quickly validate their data.

Data8 believes that quality data needs to be at the core of any business in order to inform, direct and develop growth, this can only be done with clean accurate data.


About RFU:

The Rugby Football Union is the governing body for rugby union in England. It was founded in 1871 and was the sport's international governing body prior to the formation of the International Rugby Board in 1886. It promotes and runs the sport, organises international matches for the England national team and educates and trains players and officials.

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