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Data8 partner with the NFS Technology Group

Chester - 09/06/2014 - Data8, the leading data quality experts, have partnered with NFS Technology Group, international providers of solutions and services for hospitality, leisure, conference venue and corporate markets. Data8 will supply their Address Validation service to NFS’ software.

Data8 say this will enable users of NFS’ software to both speed up and improve the quality of their address capture.

Antony Allen, managing director Data8 said, “Our state of the art address validation enables customers or receptionists to capture addresses by only inputting the house number and postcode. Reducing the number of keystrokes required”.

He continued, “All the addresses we supply will be accurate as they are based on the Postcode Address File (PAF), which is a database containing all "Delivery Points" and postcodes in the United Kingdom.”

Sanjay Saptarshi, general manager at NFS said, “Before we offered the Data8 service to our clients we conducted extensive testing of their api, and found they had a robust system which was easily installed in a range of software. It was only after the tests where we were happy to partner with Data8 and recommend their address validation service to our clients.”

Saptarshi added, “NFS are aware that customers are switching to smaller devices to book rooms, it is essential therefore that we make their life easier by reducing the number of key strokes they need to complete a booking, without prejudicing the accuracy of the information. Data8’s Address Validation service manages to deliver both these requirements.”

About Data8:

Data8 Ltd is the premier data quality specialist, ensuring customers completely trust their data.

Customers access Data8’s Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud based application to complete online data cleansing, this is backed by a bureau service and an unrivalled real time integration suite which allows companies to quickly validate their data.

Data8 believes that quality data needs to be at the core of any business in order to inform, direct and develop growth, this can only be done with clean accurate data.
About NFS Technology Group:
NFS Technology Group are international providers of best of breed solutions and services for hospitality, leisure, conference venue and corporate markets. Established in 1994, with offices in the UK, Ireland, USA and South Africa and Business Partners in the Middle East and Far East, NFS serve an international customer base of more than 1,000 clients.

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