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Data8 Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Data8, a leading data solutions provider, this year celebrates its 10th year anniversary. From beginning in 2005 on the initiative of one entrepreneur, Antony Allen, Data8 have become the leading provider of data quality and data management solutions, helping companies completely trust their data and through effective management, transform their business.

The 10 year milestone marks unprecedented growth for the company in terms of revenue and new customer acquisition including major brands such as:  Bentley, Coca Cola, Cotswold Outdoors, Eurotunnel, Panasonic, and World Cancer Research. A new office in Cheltenham was also opened in March to accommodate the rapid expansion of the business.

“From its first revolutionary online cleansing portal to offering unrivalled data validation, data management, and data supply solutions, Data8 has differentiated itself in the industry through its innovation and consultative approach in meeting customers’ needs” said Antony Allen, Data8 Managing Director.

2015 has also been a year of innovation for Data8. The company has developed a number of innovative data quality management applications, including an interactive Data Quality Report with unprecedented Data Quality Score. In addition a series of data validation tools such as B2B Lead Capture and bank validation app for Salesforce were launched.  Data8 plans to continue putting the customer first by providing unrivalled solutions, which contribute to businesses success.

The company celebrated the previous decade’s achievements with a company trip to the Peak District that included a celebratory evening and a team building activity the next day. More about the trip here.  



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About Data8

Data8 believes that prioritising customer success is the key to every successful business. This philosophy has underpinned Data8’s services since the beginning, and has enabled the company to become the leading data quality and data management solutions provider.

The services provided include real-time data validation, comprehensive data cleansing, B2B and B2C data supply, data management, analytics, and data visualisation enabling a Single Customer View. Data8 enables customers to completely trust their data and through its effective management, transform their business.

Data8’s commitment to customer success and product development has enabled the growth in its client base to include both small and large enterprises world-wide.


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