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PredictiveAddress by Data8 Boasts Enhanced Coverage and New Features

Chester, UK (19th October, 2016) Data8 expands its address validation software, PredictiveAddress to feature full global coverage and added new features. The software, which predicts and auto completes a full address while the user is typing, verifies it against multiple postal certifications from postal organisations to ensure it is accurate and uses ‘type ahead’ technology to autocomplete it. The software’s new enhancements include Address Lookup with a reference database covering 253 countries and territories, making it the most extensive address verification API currently in the marketplace.

New features to improve the accessibility for visually impaired users include screen reader compatibility that reads out selected addresses and new keyboard access to a drop-down list of addresses, diminishing the need for using a mouse.

PredictiveAddress uses fuzzy matching technology that has new elements that go beyond correcting common mistakes and mistyping. The enhanced capability recognises alias names given to addresses. If a user chooses to nickname their address, for example if they enter The Whitehouse rather than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they will still be provided with the correct address. The same concept applies to anyone, who has given a nickname to their address and the fuzzy logic applies to both residential and commercial addresses.

“We are excited to expand our international coverage and introduce new features with much more still to come” said Mark Carrington, Chief Technologist at Data8.

PredictiveAddress, which is typically used in ecommerce checkout pages, lead forms, shopping cart solutions and in internal systems such as CRM, ERP and HR Systems, can be also integrated into any systems including bespoke ones. In addition to the international address validation API, Data8 offers also real-time telephone and email validation with global coverage.

“Having a full international data validation suite of products makes Data8 unique in the marketplace and enables us to become the preferred choice for organisations worldwide that seek one supplier to meet their international validation needs” added Jeremy Walker, Head of Data Validation at Data8.


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