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Data8 has added Real Time Bank Account Validation

Chester - 15/04/2013 - Data8 say that the new bank application can confirm that the sort code and bank account number have been entered correctly and will immediately flag up any errors. They also state that the application can identify the name of the bank and the branch at which the account is held. Bank Validation.

Antony Allen, managing director Data8, said “We are always looking for new applications that will help our clients to capture their data accurately. Like our other applications this can be used in a multitude of business processes where a customer has to complete a form, capturing the details quickly and efficiently. It joins the suite of services we offer to conduct real time data validation. We can now validate addresses, landline telephone and mobile telephone numbers, email addresses for consumers and enhance Business information for our B2B clients.”

Allen concluded, “I like to think that we now offer the most comprehensive real time contact data validation available on the market. All applications are easily installed into the business process with minimal disruption and ensures our clients have the most accurate data”.

About Data8:

Data8 Ltd is the premier data quality specialist, ensuring customers completely trust their data.

Customers access Data8’s Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud based application to complete online data cleansing, this is backed by a bureau service and an unrivalled real time integration suite which allows companies to quickly validate their data.

Data8 believes that quality data needs to be at the core of any business in order to inform, direct and develop growth, this can only be done with clean accurate data.

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