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Data8 Launches New and Improved Data Enhancement App for Salesforce

Data8 has just released an updated version of their Data Enhancement App for Salesforce. The app includes address validation, phone validation, email validation, bank validation, and company information.

The major additions include the new address validation service PredictiveAddress™ and the Company Information plug in. PredictiveAddress™ allows customers to quickly enter international addresses by just starting to type them naturally from the start.

The Company Information CRM plugin gives Salesforce users a wealth of information from a business email address. The plug in can immediately populate a database with important details including: organisational chart, directors, financial history, profit and loss, balance sheet, credit rating, credit limit etc.

Mark Carrington, Data8’s Chief Technologist, reassured users that the addition of new features will not result in an increase in costs. “This update keeps us ahead of anticipated changes by Salesforce ensuring that customers have an uninterrupted service.” He continued “Our Data Enhancement App allows customers to capture addresses faster, increase conversion, and improve user experience.”

Find out more at the Data8’s Salesforce CRM Integration page.


About Data8

Data8 is a leading provider of data quality and data management solutions. Data8 enables customers to completely trust their data and through its effective management, transform their business.

The services include real time data validation, data cleansing, B2B and B2C data supply, business process outsourcing, data management, analytics, and visualisation enabling a Single Customer View.

Data8’s commitment to customer success and product innovation has allowed it to grow its client base to include both small and large enterprises world-wide.

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