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Data8 launches New Goneaway Suppression File

Chester, UK (17/11/2015) Data8, a leading data management and data quality solutions provider, has developed and launched their own Goneaway Suppression File. It is a unique file, designed and developed by Data8, using proven fuzzy name and address matching processes. The file is based on detailed analysis of 600 million historical electoral roll records and is verified against property sale information, increasing its accuracy.

Goneaway screening services enables marketers to identify people who have moved residences and remove them from their database. By excluding people who have moved, companies save money by only contacting those who are still there. 

Mark Carrington, Chief Technologist Data8, commented, ‘We wanted to create a database that was not just a copy of existing screening systems. We started with a clean sheet to design an industry leading Goneaway screening service. We were able to do this by using a variety of techniques and data sources, which has produced a file containing 35 million records that goes back as far as 2001.’

He continued ‘The file is updated quarterly to ensure that it contains the latest verified records. After completing our extensive testing programme we are pleased to launch the service today as part of Data8’s continuing commitment to improve data quality.’

Data8’s file will be used alongside other Goneaway files in their Data Cleansing Service to obtain the optimum result for their clients.

About Data8

Data8 is a leading provider of data quality and data management solutions. Data8 enables customers to completely trust their data and through its effective management, transform their business.

The services include real time data validation, data cleansing, B2B and B2C data supply, business process outsourcing, data management, analytics, and visualisation enabling a Single Customer View.

Data8’s commitment to customer success and product innovation has allowed it to grow its client base to include both small and large enterprises world-wide.

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