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PredictiveAddress by Data8 Features Enhanced Australian Coverage

Chester, UK (31st January, 2017) Data8 expands its address validation software, PredictiveAddress from town to address coverage in Australia. The expansion covers every physical address in the country, containing over 14 million address records from official sources. The software, which predicts and auto completes a full address while the user is typing, verifies it against multiple postal certifications from postal organisations to ensure it is accurate and uses ‘type ahead’ technology to autocomplete it.

The software will format the addresses according to Australian standards, unless specified otherwise. PredictiveAddress also uses fuzzy matching technology, which applies to both residential and commercial addresses and recognises mistyped or non-existent addresses.

“Our expansion to cover address level coverage in Australia is exciting, and address validation is just one part of our international validation suite,” said Mark Carrington, Chief Technologist at Data8.

PredictiveAddress has recently been extended to have a global reference database covering 253 countries and territories which is typically used in ecommerce checkout pages, lead forms, shopping cart solutions and in internal systems such as CRM, ERP and HR Systems, can be also integrated into any systems including bespoke ones.

“Our validation suite of products is constantly being updated and improved. The software is highly accurate and our coverage ensures that we meet the needs of our global clients seeking one supplier for all their data validation needs including address, email and phone validation.” added Jeremy Walker, Head of Data Validation at Data8.


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