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We offer comprehensive, cloud-based data quality solutions across our core divisions. Data Cleansing will help ensure your data is clean and up-to-date utilising Data8's revolutionary cloud-based application. Data Validation features a rich suite of applications to allow you to rapidly validate and add data and new business data in real-time. Data Quality combines all the services from all divisions and allows us to provide you with total data quality solutions tailored to your specific needs. 


Core Products





Autofill details in real-time from a postcode or partial address logic using the Predictive Address™ & PostcodeLookup™

Address Validation

Seemlessly validate and update national & internal telephone numbers including landline and mobile.

Phone Validation

Check your email addresses are correct, complete, and without errors or any form of duplicate entries. Help whitelist your data.

Email Validation

Check bank account, sort code, and credit card. Minimise bogus registrations, fraud, and help reduce re-processing fees. 

Bank Validation

Data8 data cleansing facilities can ensure your data is clean. All this will help you improve your customer knowledge and relationships

Data Cleansing

Make duplicate records a thing of the past with Duplicare. Reduce wastage, unnecessary marketing spends and improve your customer satisfaction


Understand your customers as soon as they register on your site. Gain invaluable insight and knowledge to their financial and company details.

Business Insights

Use our Flow apps to seamlessly integrate our products. Adapt them for your specific business needs. Own the process, all within Flow.


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