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Case Studies

Dynamic Communities is the supporting organization behind the User Group for Dynamics 365 (D365UG®) Find out how they used data8 Duplicare to solve their duplicate data issues

Pink Boutique is an online fashion retail store who were looking to implement a new address lookup solutions with minimal disruption

Immediate Media is a special interest content and platform company who operate some of the best-loved brands in the UK. Immediate Media were looking to implement a bank account validation service and were also looking to improve the quality of their existing address lookup.

National Express run the largest scheduled national coach network in the UK. They wanted to improver user experience for their customers on the website by using PredictiveAddress.

Elemis Skincare specialises in targeted skin and body care using natural active ingredients combined with science to create luxury products. With their products selling globally, Elemis has a vast international database of consumers.

Paragon Sports Management are a leading provider of hospitality and events to both corporate and high net worth individuals, as well as a management agency for some of the biggest names in the world of sport and entertainment.

AQA is an independent education charity and the largest provider of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges in the UK. Their qualifications are also recognised and taught in 30 countries around the world.

A leading car sales platform utilised landline and mobile validation, resulting in a significant improvement of captured phone numbers. The combination of validation services has increased customer satisfaction.

A British luxury car designer and manufacturer needed a system to accommodate for a global brouchure campaign and therefore also needed to validate the international addresses. They now enjoy cost savings, targeted marketing and improved communications.

Buffalo is efficient, as it doesn’t use invalid numbers, it is compliant with legislation, and it offers good value for its clients, who are looking for maximum returns on their investment.

IOCEA decided to install PostcodeLookup™ into its system to ensure incoming addresses are not invalid. This real time validation means any invalid addresses can be dealt with immediately, and not go on to cause issues further down the line. The solution was scalable, precisely meeting IOCEA’s business requirements. The integration of the solution was also easy; it was seamlessly integrated into IOCEA’s existing system.



Read how using New Business Data provides SkinBase with competitive advantage as the data is regularly updated, allowing them to approach prospects before the competition. Using the data has also led to, increase in bookings and cost savings.



Lunar CRM integrated International Telephone validation for landline and mobile into its system. The service identifies bogus numbers and requests the real telephone number, making staff immediately aware of an invalid number. The outcome was reduced invalid phone numbers, increasing the volume of contactable customer



The combination of Data8’s verification tools and IP tracking systems enables All About Response to quickly identify and prevent rogue publishers from delivering fake traffic to its sites.



comparemymove.com saw a decrease in the amount of incorrect contact details in their system after the introduction of Data8's real time data validation APIs. It also speeded up the delivery of quotes to their customers.



Data8's data validation solutions enable LeadStream to operate with confidence in the accuracy of the contact details they are gathering and passing on to their clients



After using Data8's data, BargainTechUK’s analytics showed a higher than average opening rate of emails. They now have more effective marketing communication due to the accuracy of the data, this has allowed BargainTechUK to extend their marketing reach, and to expand their client base.



Liquid Friday needed a bank validation solution that could be rapidly deployed into their Salesforce CRM solution. Due to recent changes in Salesforce security requirements its existing provider could no longer offer a solution. Liquid Friday had very little notice of the withdrawal of this service, leaving it without the much needed service.

Data8 were able to get thier bank validation tool up and running within days, fulfilling Liquid Friday's need for a rapid response.  



QuoteSupermarket.com frequently received enquires through their website from customers whose telephone numbers or email addresses were incorrect, making it very difficult to contact the customer. 

Data8 implemented a tool which could validate all contact details on entry. The integration was exceptionally easy, causing no disruption to customers or processes. 



Chana had large amounts of old contact data with whom they wanted to communicate through telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. They were aware however of its poor quality and they sought data cleansing solutions to minimise wasted time and money on conducting campaigns based on inaccurate data. Data8 helped them to re-engage supporters with whom they’d lost contact, to extend their reach and build a strong support base.

DDL Group provide direct  marketing solutions for their clients. Early in the development of this service the company realised the importance of having quality data and began to look for a partner to deliver this service. The main aims within this partnership were:

  1. To provide an increased ROI for their clients
  2. To gain quality data for their clients


There were three main issues that Norman Hay PLC had when they first came to Data8. These are outlined below:

  • With four brands operating independently of each other, getting transparency across the company was a key requirement and a challenge. 
  • The lack of automation was another challenge as updates were completed manually making the process inefficient and time-consuming. 
  • Data Quality was the final challenge to overcome. The data had aged and they could not rely on it any longer. 


Taskers had been using a postcode lookup service in their till system but found it problematic. They came to Data8 to see if our solution would be a better fit, they wanted to be able to expedite the address collection from customers at the point of purchase. The integration took place two years ago for Taskers and they have found it to be a cost effective and efficient solution.


Ellis Brigham were looking for a way to increase the number of customer conversions on their website by using an address validation tool. They wanted this tool to be easy to use and to have clarity in how it was working in their system


Faulks & Cox have invested in Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign to increase lead generation and their online presence. Read how Data8 helped to increase the ROI of their Adwords campaign, they needed to enhance their user online shopping experience and in turn increase conversions. They also needed a tool that integrates seamlessly with OpenCart, their shopping cart system. 

Brookson, a leading contractor accountant, wanted to be able to improve the quality of data and utilise their CRM system for marketing campaigns. This case study highlights an automated data cleansing solution we provided for Brookson to deploy multi-channelled campaigns.

Benefit Cosmetics needed a smooth transition between their former address lookup provider with no disruption to their website, and without making large coding changes to their checkout.

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