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All About Response uses phone validation to provide high quality, contactable leads



All About Response Ltd (AAR) is a leading collator and trade supplier of consumer data, offering a number of bespoke services. AAR develops tailored solutions to accommodate businesses’ data requirements. All About Response offers real-time lead generation via its portfolio of UK consumers survey sites, where responders impart a variety of personal, household and demographic information. This process grants survey sponsors explicit consent to contact AAR’s consumers and offer their services or products. Their aim is to give businesses an exceptional understanding of consumer prospects.


All About Response had an issue with fake survey submissions on its sites as some of the sites rely on traffic fed through affiliates worldwide, which occasionally left it exposed to rogue activities. These submissions were damaging the quality of its lead generation. AAR needed to minimise these submissions in order to maintain their supply of high quality leads generated for question sponsors.


All About Response was looking:

  • To find a reliable and honest supplier whose costs were reflective of the high volumes of data needing to be verified
  • To deliver the highest rate of contactable, genuine leads
  • To build up its reputation amongst call centres as a high quality leads and data supplier


All About Response deployed Data8’s real-time Landline verification and Mobile Validation for its online consumer surveys. The real-time validation checks the high volumes of data as it enters the system, highlighting whether the numbers are contactable or not.


The combination of Data8’s verification tools and IP tracking systems enables All About Response to quickly identify and prevent rogue publishers from delivering fake traffic to its sites.

  • All About Response has built up its reputation as a supplier for high quality and responsive real-time leads for call centres.
  • Affiliate costs have been reduced and AAR’s clients return fewer unusable leads at the end of each month.
  • Generation of higher quality, contactable telephone leads has improved contact rates for its clients.

The real-time phone validation handles our high levels of incoming data 24/7, reducing the amount of unusable leads and increasing contact and therefore conversion rates

Jacob Kingston, Sales Manager, All About Response

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