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Our Luxury Car Client Benefits From Cost- Savings, Targeted Marketing and Increased ROI


Our client, a leading British luxury car designer and manufacturer, supplies cars all over the world and partakes in many iconic car shows, festivals and motorsport races.

With a number of iconic models and a new model in the pipeline, it was vital for the company to ensure that all interest in the new model was registered and that brochures were sent to the correct addresses of interested prospects. Due to the international nature of their business, a system was needed to accommodate for global brochure requests and therefore recognise and validate international addresses.

Furthermore, a lead capture mechanism was needed for the international addresses in order to implement the direct mail campaign of the car brochure.



Data8 provided a real time cleanse service that could be integrated into the microsite that was embedded into the Y-frame of the main website. This not only ensures that traffic to the new microsite was accurate and free from error, but the leads generated were also product specific and easily recorded into the company’s CRM.

The data gained from the lead capture was distributed amongst the appropriate global branches, especially in the UAE, Dubai, UK, North America and Central Europe. By having the knowledge of the leads in specific areas, our client could then distinguish any trends that may be popular and accommodate for these so they didn’t fall short during the launch.



Our client experiences the benefits of using validation solutions through:

Cost savings - Reducing numbers of invalid and uncontactable contact details increases the efficiency of our client’s outgoing communications, meaning that they are more cost effective.

The direct mailing in their campaign was sent to the appropriate prospects with accurate address information. Therefore, their reputation was not tarnished through mis-sent communications.

Furthermore, their product launch was extremely successful as they had targeted the appropriate clients and successfully contacted them with brochures. A successful launch lead to excellent coverage of the new vehicle, which proved to be extremely popular.

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