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Car Sales Platform Benefits From Accurate Lead Capture and Real Time Validation


Our client, enables private sellers and businesses to advertise their vehicles and project them to a wider audience.

For sellers on the website, they must fill out a number of details such as a valid telephone number in order for them to be contacted by prospective clients or our client.

The situation that our client was looking to avoid were scam sellers posting bogus phone numbers, where if there was a problem then nobody would be able to track or contact them.



Data8 provided landline and mobile validation solutions that could verify whether business or personal phone numbers are legitimate, in real time.

This vital element of lead capture process is integrated into all devices e.g. laptops, tablets, mobile sites etc. It is a vital element because it detects bogus information. Therefore, without it, they are running a huge reputational and financial risk.



Our client experienced a significant improvement in quality of phone numbers captured, with over a 40% increase in valid phone numbers. This also increases customer satisfaction as correct, accurate contact details provide a more trustworthy sale and increase the ease of communication.

They are now looking to use email validation and PredictiveAddress as their search function is largely based around postcode radius, it would be useful for the client to feature quality addresses to ensure sellers and buyers alike are receiving accurate results.


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