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Bargain Tech extend their marketing reach



BargainTechUK specialise in supplying new, graded and refurbished technology to both the general public and to wholesale markets. The company provide hi-tech solutions at bargain prices, never compromising on quality. It is passionate about new technology.


BargainTechUK needed to find a way to access wholesalers in the UK and were looking for a company who would provide legal and reliable B2B data. They researched and considered various data companies, and Data8 proved to be the quickest to respond to their requirements, and to have the highest quality data.


  • BargainTechUK were looking to contact new wholesalers and new clients to expand their reach and grow the business.
  • They wanted to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of contacts, especially decision makers, to make their marketing more targeted and effective.
  • They wanted to buy a list which was fully compliant with legislation and preferences to maintain their brand and reputation.


Data8 provided targeted B2B data. The data provided included Company name, Decision Maker’s name, Phone number, and Address. The supply data is screened so only non Corporate Telephone Preference Services (CTPS) numbers were provided and contacted by BargainTechUK.


BargainTechUK reported that selecting data type and source were easy to do, allowing them to precisely target relevant prospects:

  • BargainTechUK’s analytics showed a higher than average opening rate of emails sent to the addresses provided by Data8. It now have more effective communication due to the accuracy of the data.
  • The data provided by Data8 has allowed BargainTechUK to extend their marketing reach, and to expand its client base.

“The opening rate of emails sent to the B2B email addresses provided by Data8 increased, successfully connecting us with new customers”

Bilal Khwaja, Managing Director, BargainTechUK

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