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Brookson reduces return mail by 28% returm mail by 28% with strategic data cleansing



Brookson is a leading contractor accountant, providing accountancy, tax advice and support services to freelance contractors and individuals who work in business for themselves. They support people in their chosen way of working, through their limited company, sole trader and umbrella company services.


They wanted to be able to improve the quality of data coming into the company and also to use their CRM system to launch marketing campaigns.


Traditional data capture solutions embedded within CRM applications have been limited to address capture techniques such as Data8’s Postcode Lookup service. Data8's solution for Brookson starts here with the assurance that by using the Royal Mail PAF, the address is captured in minimal keystrokes with maximum accuracy.

However, Brookson were also concerned that some details were being entered into their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution incorrectly. Frequently telephone numbers would be captured incorrectly and email addresses misspelt. Data8 embedded their real-time telephone and email validation services into the CRM system so that users can see immediately if the details entered are incorrect and re-qualify whilst they were still in contact with the new lead or account. Additionally, Brookson are using their CRM solution to orchestrate multi-channel marketing campaigns by direct mail, telephone and email.

They wanted a way to utilise the data cleansing services from Data8 without having to leave their CRM application.

Data8's technical team delivered them a cloud based software-as-a-service solution by integrating their Foundation Technology into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This enables Brookson to perform just-in-time audits of any segment of their database so that they can establish if any of the records are deceased, goneaway, mover or on the TPS or CTPS and more.

They are then free to either purchase the data they require to improve their database or proceed in the knowledge that they can trust their data as there are no significant data quality problems with the marketing list.


The outcome is to put data cleansing firmly in the hands of the marketer enabling them to get on with the job of marketing their services to new prospects and building relationships with existing clients.

Comment from Andrew Sloan, Business Strategy Manager, Brookson Ltd:

The enhancements delivered from Data8 have transformed our marketing activities through ensuring data is accurate and compliant, the number of returned mail reduced by 28% as a result of the integrated reference to the goneaway file. The process of appending additional information and flagging for suppression within our CRM system has ensured that our processes are robust, in addition the auto stamp of an audit has ensured we can track when data was last cleansed prior to launching a campaign’.


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